Just Getting Started


Nonetheless, I am also completely thrilled and overly anxious to take this opportunity head on. To use the opportunity to grow and gain the experiences of living in a society so different from what I call “home”. I’ve been yearning to go to China since I was a senior in high school. The country fascinates me; the people, the culture, it’s an amazing place with so much history and opportunity. I guess it’s just crazy to think that I finally get to go.

I’m starting this blog to talk about my journey through life. Whether it’s my thoughts, my travels, or experiences I incur along the way, I want to be able to share that with the world (or at least anyone willing to take a couple minutes out of their day to listen). Blogs are a great medium to share stories and experiences with others. I’ve always wanted to start one, but the thought of my writing and thoughts left out there for anybody to read or look at was always holding me back. I finally confronted my hesitations though and am starting this blog, Riley Wanders. My blog will be all about my life, my thoughts, my travels, my challenges, and everything in-between. Wherever I wander physically as I journey through this world, ormentally as I continue to develop and grow over the course of my life.

I believe sharing ideas, points of view, and experiences with others is something that is starting to get lost in a world where everything has to fit in 140 characters or less. Okay, 280 now but you get the point. Sharing details and having depth to what you’re reading is important, too. I want that type of sharing to be important again as well, whether it’s being able to sit and read what someone has to say… to read a book, to read a novel, to read a blog.

As I begin my journey to China, I can’t wait to share my travels. I’ll be posting tons of pictures and hopefully some videos along the way, too. If anybody wants to get ahold of me, you can email me at riley.shulman8@gmail.com or add me on WeChat and text, call, or video chat me (QR code at the bottom). Thanks for taking time out of your day to read a little slice of my life and see where I “wander”. I’m just getting started.


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